We are part of Nature in a profound and fundamental way, but in recent times we have unlearned the notion that we are an integral part of a macrocosm.
Quantum physics is currently validating perception models of our reality that every particle in the physical realm is deeply intertwined through an all-pervading non-visible vibrational force.
ny spiritual and ancient traditions point to vibration as the origin of the universe, sound as the creative flow.
Sound is the key to achieving a higher state of unified global consciousness.
Seeing this world less material, more conscious and as a kind of ‘learning machine’.
A more holistic approach towards our surroundings, self and all that is. We should (re)use nature as a contemplative motive. To learn more about our connection with ourselves and our vast environment. 

Curiosity is life. We want to know. When we understand it all, then we are only momentarily at peace – we quickly replace knowing with the next mystery.

1  i.e. the Vedic teachings.
2  Tesla said: “if you want to discover the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration (…) The Earth is a conductor of acoustic resonance”.
3  More precisely we want to want to know.



Our aim is to define methods and processes accessible to all to enable humanity to reach a higher level of consciousness.
Our voice is the most direct tool of generating awareness of one’s being, and therefore awareness of the interaction and impact of ourselves with what surrounds us. It is also a free medium available to most living things. 
Inspiral Foundation aims to shed new light on the topic of acoustics and the impact of sound on people, so far more studied to prevent negative reactions rather than evaluate their beneficial effects.
Our intent is to create spaces whose design is generated by the sound itself. Spaces and architectures that shake souls and contribute to the well-being of the individual who visits them, and whose resonance continues to resonate even outside the visit itself, in the daily routine of each individual and his/her environment. 

Inspiral Foundation explores the mysteries of consciousness and perception and creates art and architecture where we can share ideas and experiences. We pay homage to scientific and spiritual ideas alike. We celebrate the cosmos, the unseen, the human condition and the environment. 

Contemplation is one of the main solutions towards a necessary paradigm shift. Our aim is to research, propagate and connect nature as a contemplative motive through art projects. And will contribute to the paradigm shift.